Gabby Giffords has an awesome smile (now, here comes the “but”)

AZ Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is an amazing person.  She’ll be at the State of the Union this evening.  For sure, she is a lovely and strong lady, but who the heck was representing her district for one year, while she was recuperating? I thought her stepping down was too long in coming and way overdue.

Ultimately, she is a public servant and the people, not her career come first.  This is not a sign of leadership.  Considering her severe trauma, I was very skeptical of her so-called return to Congress in Aug. 2011 to cast a vote to raise the debt ceiling, of all things.  No big deal.  Was she even able to comprehend what she was doing?  Again, I applaud her bravery, but come on — you think she really understood the situation and implication her vote had on her district, let along the American people?  I doubt it. 

Speaking of leadership, I’d wager a multi-million dollar bet that if Gabby were a Republican instead of a Democrat, the media would have blasted her up n’down and inside n’out of the Washington beltway for not exiting sooner. 

I am sick n’ tired of the double-standard and this crazy political correctness at the expense of WE THE PEOPLE!!

Here’s the link from August.  You tell me.


One thought on “Gabby Giffords has an awesome smile (now, here comes the “but”)

  1. Eileen T. Hutchinson says:

    So, true!! She is a temendous role model for keeping the faith and perservering throught the odds…but at the end of the day, it is her duty to represents the wants and needs of the average joe blow in her community.

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