Joining the Daily Times corps de bloggers

At the Daily Times offices last Thursday, I had the pleasure of meeting editor Phil Heron, on-line editor Vince Carry and the community bloggers.

With a concept in mind and slice of pizza in hand, I learned about some really cool blogs like these: 

I actually sat next to Nicole, TSYD blogger and discovered she was a Cardinal O’Hara student.  As an O’Hara alum, I was delighted to learn of her participation.  She also runs the school’s TV studio.  So, I thought she deserved a special shout out here.

Now, when it came time to introduce mine, I received the exact response that I was dreading – everyone liked it.

Before the holidays, I was seriously thinking about having my own blog.  Being a PR pro and former editor, I felt confident my writing was good.  I realized instead that it was those nasty bugaboos – fear, resistance and procrastination lurking overhead and making me doubt myself.

So, when I saw Phil’s Twitter tweet calling all bloggers, I took it as a sign.  My boss letting me leave the office early was another.  Getting a warm welcome at Daily Times offices –well, not exactly like following a star, but you get where I’m going with this.  Needless to say, everything kinda came together. 

I created my blog called Smiling at Life because in this tough economy, we need to remind ourselves to do just that.  Plus, I’ve always been fascinated by people who can persevere though the most difficult of circumstances, yet still keep working toward their goal.  I’m equally curious as to how people can squander their fortune, especially after years of trying to obtain it. 

Overall, I intend to examine various leaders and the subject of leadership.  I’ll write about people from Delaware County and throughout the world ranging from politicians and celebrities to educators and everyday people.  That being the case and since I’m somewhat of a cynic (a fact that I’m rather proud of), I reserve the right to use the term “leader” rather loosely.  I think it’ll make things much more fun.

So, how about you?  Are you facing a setback? Or, have you made it big and are in danger or worse yet, in complete denial that you’re about to lose it all?  In either case, save yourself.  Get a slice a pizza and read my blog.  I guarantee you’ll have something to smile or at least to think about.


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