Okay, I have a bone to pick with Paula Deen

As an entrepreneur – she is 100% fabulous.  I applaud her success.  Love her show, books and food.  That said, what in the world is she doing?  I mean sponsoring a drug for Type II Diabetes?  That’s all we need – another celebrity pushing pills for what can be better managed with proper diet and exercise.  

Clearly, she needs medical help for her condition since she hasn’t slimmed down even after being diagnosed three years ago.  This is probably a high-risk situation now and hopefully, pills will be a short-term solution. Repeat, short-term solution.  I hope she takes better care of herself.

I’m all for making lemonade out of lemons, but this is different.  Her foray into pharmaceutical endorsements is a bad idea for her brand.  It dilutes it.  Paula is the product.  She’s chubby and jolly and loves to cook and eat fattening, greasy and very delicious foods.

Seriously, what will happen to her empire if she loses weight and goes cold-turkey?

According to the Wall Street Journal, a Paula Deen spokeswoman said that the chef will be creating lighter alternatives for her recipes and is in discussions with the Food Network to have those recipes incorporated into her show. She added that Ms. Deen will also “stay true to her Grandmama Paul’s Southern cooking, which is part of her heritage.”

I’m confused.  How do fat and skinny go together?  The answer is they don’t. 

How will she incorporate these two opposites on her show?  Will she create a companion low-cal Southern food recipe guide on Novo Nordisk’s website for a diabetes drug?  Will she star in wretched weepy commercials or show up on billboards and be featured in magazines pushing her anti-diabetes agenda?   

I hope not.  I’m not interested in hearing any of that from Paula.  I watch her because nobody else cooks fried fattening food with such joy.  I look forward to virtually indulging my appetite when I turn on the television.  I can feel my mouth start to salivate after her preview of that day’s devilishly decadent vittles. 

And, for a lady who connects so well the average viewer, I question how her fans might react to what appears to be capitalizing on her misfortune.  Then again, I’m pretty sure the media will laud her for being so brave and so open about her situation.  Let the gushing begin.

I know this diabetes marketing angle may sound tempting, but don’t do it Paula. Don’t get sidetracked.  You can get better and keep your business healthy at the same time.  Avoid the drug propaganda.  Stick with butter, sugar and molasses.  It’s what you know and what made you rich n’ famous.


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